Salsa: The Real Protagonist in Mexican Cuisine

A look at the condiment’s importance in the Mexican kitchen

Chile con queso feat. salsa de morita

“Mexico is the only country in the world with a national coat of arms that consecrates a feral act of gastronomy… A country that takes refuge in this emblem cannot be peaceful or have simple food.” — Juan Villoro, Mexican author and journalist

[sauces] They’re the rhyme and reason of dishes where the protein is really just an excuse to enjoy what is of real interest — Enrique Olvera, owner and chef of Pujol

Chile Pasilla and Guajillo — two chiles found in a lot of sauces
Some delicately stacked scoops of mole paste, minus the chicken stock

Recipes for five salsas

Salsa verde

Salsa roja

Pico de gallo

Salsa de morita (a.k.a Salsa macha)

Salsa de ancho w/ caramelized onion and cumin

Cook and food writer based in Mexico City. Talking food and all its intersections | IG:

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