6 Simple Ways to Level Up Your Cooking With Ancho Chiles

The humble Ancho goes far beyond just Mole and Adobo

Toast and grind for a smoky chile powder

Ancho compound butter

How to make Ancho compound butter:

How to use Ancho compound butter:

Ancho Chile Butter | Credit: Alex Heery

Chile chocolate brownies

How to make Ancho chile brownies:

Relleno de queso (Stuffed with cheese)

How to make stuffed Ancho chiles:

‘Chile con queso’ from Los Palomos — tastes much better than it looks | Credit: Alex Heery

Fermented hot sauce

How to make fermented Ancho hot sauce:

Fermented hot sauce | Credit: Alex Heery

Make a liquor

Anchos that I brought home to Australia | Credit: Alex Heery

Cook and food writer based in Mexico City. Talking food and all its intersections | IG: https://instagram.com/_alexheery

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